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How to Create a Free, Highly Secure, Offline Paper Wallet for Ether

My Ether Wallet (MEW) is a completely free, open source piece of software that allows anyone to create a new Ether wallet. It can also be used to store any Ethereum standard tokens (ERC20 tokens, e.g. MKR, ZRX and many more). As such, you could think of it as an [...]

Three Bitcoin Passive Income Stream Ideas – Complete Guide

TL;DR: I am going to teach you three Bitcoin passive income streams, all in one comprehensive guide. The three methods are related to each other. A minimal ongoing time investment per week and a small initial investment are two of the great advantages of these passive income methods. Be aware; [...]

Ether Investor in Focus: Polychain II

I’ve written previously about Polychain Capital, and it’s founder, Olaf Carlson-Wee. Here are some further interviews with him for you to explore: Interview with Olaf Carlson-Wee on the Ether Review 18:30 – Mentions Coinbase and USV Medium posts on app token v protocol token. Worth reading. Polychain Capital: A hedge [...]

Ether Investor In Focus: Olaf Carlson-Wee, Polychain Capital

One way to research your investments is to look at what knowledgeable investors are doing. Many investors in the traditional finance community look at what Warren Buffet, the so-called “Oracle of Omaha” is investing in, and listen very closely to advice his gives on how to conduct analysis on his [...]