Blockchain Research and Ethereum Use Cases – Large List

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This is a semi-curated list of blockchain and Ethereum studies, research, proof of concepts, and real-world projects and products. Some are focused on blockchain in general, and others in Ethereum in particular.

If you have more suggestions for resources too add to this list, please add them in the Reddit discussion.


Blockchain Research Papers and Studies


Cross-Industry Blockchain Projects


Enterprise Ethereum Alliance


Banking Blockchain Initiatives


Five ways banks are using blockchain


Insurance Blockchain Initiatives

Insurers team up to study benefits of blockchain

B3i project

McKinseys – Blockchain in Insurance – Opportunity or threat?

Ethrisc – Decentralised insurance

Axa flight insurance – Fizzy


Blockchain Identity Management

Blockchain Helix


Blockchain Supply Chain Management

$54tn worth of GDP activity globally – two-thirds of the worlds economy.

Sweetbridge SweetTalk #1: Vinay & Scott: A Liquid Economic OS of Supply Chain on Blockchain (BIG)


Law, Contracts, and Commerce on the Blockchain

Sweetbridge SweetTalk #2: The Future of Contracts, Law & Commerce – Sept 2017



Decentralised Cryptocurrency/Cryptoasset Exchanges and Protocols


0x Protocol


Allows for the creation of decentralised exchanges, aka relayers, to be built on top of it.

Decentralised Cryptocurrency/Cryptoasset Exchanges

Kin Alpha 

Radar Relay



ERC dExchange 

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